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Shanghai International Catering Chain Franchise Exhibition(CFE) is the important part of CIE CHINA.As an effective way to realize intensive, standardized, specialized and industrialized for Catering industry has been paid more attention and applied by employees in the field of catering industry.In order to provide a better communication platform to promote, display and invest for domestic and international restaurant chain enterprises, Golden Commercial , the organizer of exhibition,and related industry institutions will still hold the “The 7th Shanghai International Catering Chain Franchise Exhibition 2020” on May 07-09, 2020 at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is 12000 square meters, involving domestic and foreign chain enterprises, catering chain enterprises, new Internet add catering brand, hotel catering management and digitalization and so on. The exhibition will rely on Shanghai's unique geographical advantages and huge market demand and create a top influential investment and entrepreneurship event of franchise and catering chain franchise industry in the Asia-Pacific region. It is hoped that the exhibition can help domestic and foreign franchising enterprises to grasp innovative forms, consumption status and development trends, and establish correct enterprise strategic.



During the exhibition, it will hold more than ten high-quality and forward-looking conferences. Moreover, a number of guest speakers, 1,000 entrepreneurial representatives and 500 brand companies will be invited to gather in Shanghai to discuss the new hotspots of catering chain franchise industry, which can help enterprises and franchisees to cooperate that develop brand strategy in a new territory. At the same time, China Launch Investment Conference, Enterprise Chain Franchise Brand introduction, and other activities will be held. The organizer hopes to promote business exchanges, investment & cooperation, release new brand to the market, sign contract with investment franchise customers, display specialty foods for exhibitors through these activities so that the enterprises will be injected new energy.

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The atmosphere on the spot is extremely warm

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For the exhibitors, the organizing committee to invite experts jury named the authority of the catering industry awards