Shanghai International Light Catering Chain Exhibition 2022
Exhibition Purposes:Focus on the development and future of China's light catering chain
Time: May 31-June 02, 2022
Venue: NECC - Hongqiao•Shanghai
As a professional exhibition focusing on China's light catering chain industry,Shanghai International Light Catering Chain Exhibition (Chain China) is an important platform to promote the development and information exchange of light catering chain industry. CHAIN CHINA is founded in 2013 by Golden Commercial, a well-known domestic exhibition organization. Golden Commercial has always been committed to pushing forward the development of the light catering chain industry, as well as providing investors with information resources for brand joined. Nowadays, the exhibition has become an effective platform for connecting light catering brands and investors in China. In addition, it has accumulated more than 2,500 light catering chain brands and multi-aspect industry resources, which is spanning light catering chain suppliers and service providers, commercial real estate and supporting resources. At the same time, the exhibition will provide the best service for every light catering brand enterprise through multiple forms of activity, such as light catering brand store display on-site, product and service experience, business model and investment trend interpretation, project briefing and road show, summit forum, open class for brand joined and so on, which enables franchisees to quickly understand the industry trends, and gain insight into the brand success model so that match their investment plans, and find the project they want. CHAIN CHINA attracts representatives from relevant government departments and industry associations, industry leader enterprises, news media, industry investment, chain franchise, commercial real estate and leading service providers every year. Based on Shanghai's unique geographical advantages and the best investment hotspot, it is committed to creating an top influential investment and entrepreneurial event for the light catering chain industry in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as building a social platform for investors in the industry with quality business resource.
Concurrent Event
China Light Catering Chain and Venture Investment Conference, Enterprise Chain Franchise Brand Meeting, and other presentations will be held during the exhibition. It is hoped that focuses on the high-end seminars at the forefront of the industry and the pragmatic and efficient franchise investors meetings, which brings a variety of communications and negotiations to exhibitors, such as business exchanges, investment & cooperation, new brand release, on-site signing with investment franchisees and special food displays, so that the enterprises will be injected new energy. As the most influential professional event in the light catering chain industry, authoritative experts, catering chefs, and industry elites will be invited to attend the China Light Catering Chain and Venture Investment Conference. Combined with market trends, the people participated in the show will have a discussion on the current hot spot analysis, the pain points of catering chain management and the development trend of catering chain franchise. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the conference breaks the boundaries of the catering industry, and connect the advantages of the upstream and downstream industry chain to provide multi-dimensional solution ideas and professional insights for the development of light catering brands.
Selection Activity
Shanghai International Light Catering Chain Exhibition(CHAIN CHINA)is a yearly event of light catering chain and venture investment industry in Asia, carrying the mission of promoting the fast and safe development of catering chainfranchise industry. In order to better cooperate with enterprises to expand publicity and establish brand image, and attract more franchisees to the show, the selection activity of “2021 China Light Catering Chain Franchise Investment Brand Enterprises” will be held during the exhibition, aiming at enhancing brand awareness, corporate competitiveness and influence. This activity is a public welfare event for exhibitors, improving the visibility of the company in the industry by voting on WeChat. Besides, the participants can ask voters for support, and the top 10 accumulative total votes will be selected as” 2021 China Catering Chain Franchise and Investment Brand Enterprises top 10”, trophy and certification will be issued by organizer on the spot.
Major Exhibits
• Hotel Chain: domestic and foreign star hotel chain, economic chain hotel, tourist hotels, resorts, hotel apartments, Inn B & B, commercial real estate, financial institutions, hotel management, design and consulting companies.,etc
• Food Chain: the traditional dinner business, large chain restaurant business, small,beautifuland fast fashion theme restaurants, snack chain enterprises, hot pot chain enterprises, barbecue iron chain enterprises, Japanese cuisine Korean restaurant chain, coffee leisure enterprises, cake store chain , Internet + food and beverage new brands, food management and digital., etc.
• Management Service: hotel and catering management software systems and equipment, member systems and equipment, monitoring systems and equipment, cash register systems and equipment, wireless systems and equipment, ordering systems and equipment, personalized solutions technology., etc.
• Commodity retail: Commodity retail: tea, tea set, fashion jewelry, jewelry, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, books, audio and video, and other franchise chain., etc
• Clothing and apparel categories:brand clothing apparel, cloth, cloth bag, footwear, luggage leather goods and related franchise chain
• Education and training categories: educational institutions, professional training institutions, educational supplies and other franchise chain
• Baby supplies categories: educational toys, baby carriage crib, baby clothing, school supplies, nutrition and other franchise chain
• Business services: O2O, E-commerce providers, IT network information, ticketing services, real estate intermediary, laundry, home furnishings, car beauty maintenance, courier services, festive services, decoration design, business consulting certification franchise chain
• Health and beauty categories:beauty salons, body fitness, cosmetics, health care products, health care equipment and other franchise chain
• Comprehensive categories::law firms, banks and other chain services, chain equipment related equipment manufacturers or suppliers, etc.
Advertising Media
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