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National Center for Exhibition and Convention (NECC) is located in the west of the core area of Hongqiao Business District in Shanghai, China. It is only 1.5 kilometers away from Hongqiao transportation hub, closely connected with Hongqiao high speed railway station and Hongqiao airport through the subway. The surrounding expressways extend in all directions, and within 2 hours you can reach the important cities of the Yangtze River Delta, so the transportation is very convenient.
Four parts- exhibition venues, supporting commercial centers, supporting office buildings and supporting hotels consist of NECC. They are connected through an eight-meter-elevation exhibition avenue so that all kinds of people can easily pass through the exhibition venues, commercial centers, office buildings, and hotels etc.
The available exhibition area of NECC reaches 500,000 square meters, including 400,000 square meters’ indoor exhibition area and 100,000 square meters’ outdoor exhibition area. The indoor exhibition hall is composed of 13 big halls with unit area of 28,800square meters and 3 small halls with unit area of 9,700square meters. The truck can directly arrive at the exhibition hall. In the north of the first floor, 4 big halls and 1 small hall are provided with ground load of 5T/m2, and equipped with adequate electric power. Among them, only 1 big hall has double-layer structure. Others are single layer without columns, which is suitable for heavy, industrial exhibition. In the south of the first floor, 4 big halls with double-layer structure are provided with ground load of 3.5T/m2, column net area of 27*36 square meters, and column height of 11 meters. On the second floor, there are 5 big halls and 2 small halls. The ground load of them are 1.5T/m2; the column net area of the big hall is 36*54 square meters, and the average column height is 16 meters, which can also meet the demand of most exhibitions. Around the exhibition hall, adequate conference facilities are equipped. They are consists of more than 60 conference rooms with different sizes, which can organize meetings from tens of people to 3,000 people.




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